Pals Junction is a unique ministry with a unique mandate. It has opened my eyes and sharpened my understanding as far as challenges in relationships are concerned. You see people who have gone through so much in their marriages and relationships and you know Jesus was there to comfort them. Then you are able to understand that no situation, however painful, is outside God's eye. At Pals Junction, I have interacted with real people with real issues, who open up, and share without fear, knowing we are a family. This open sharing has been a source of comfort and encouragement to many.We thank God for this vision and for giving it to us.

My name is Nancie Waruguru, easily identified as Nancie Flo. Born again, a single mum of one blessed young man and an administrator by profession, aspiring to be a best selling author. I joined Pals Junction towards the end of December 2016 and it has truly been an amazing journey. I found friends with whom we share a common goal where I have continued to be comforted and find my healing so that in turn, I can extend the same to as many people as God gives me the grace one on one or even the masses at once. I have learnt to believe in the word of God; that what He says is the absolute truth. I have learnt how to pray and read the word. share my experiences for the sake of someone else who may be going through a season I have been through, sharpen myself in readiness for service and also how to lead. Pals Junction has given me friends and a platform to be real. I have received lots and lots of Godly counsel and to top it up, Pals' Junction has helped me forgive and walk in the freedom that God freely gave me when Jesus Christ died on the cross for me. Pals' Junction is a beautiful family that I am honored to be a part of and a great place to be. God bless you.